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How to Assess Performance and Fit

Posted by Steve Carter on Dec 11, 2017 11:16:38 PM
Steve Carter
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According to recruiting guru Lou Adler, successful on-the-job performance is driven by three factors: 1) ability to do the work, 2) fit with the company culture and the hiring manager’s leadership style and 3) motivation to do the work. A problem with any of these factors will result in disappointment, dissatisfaction and underperformance. In this behind-the-scenes webcast Adler will describe what it takes to ensure every single person you hire meets these essential requirements. Too often, in the rush to hire, critical clues are overlooked or ignored.


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Here are some of the big topics Lou will cover in this webcast 

1) Using the Hiring Formula for Success as the foundation for all your hiring decisions 
2) Hiring great people starts by understanding why great people underperform 
3) Why you must incorporate culture and fit into your job descriptions 
4) One great question to assess fit, performance and motivation 

This is one webcast you won’t want to miss if you want to compete for the best talent on the planet or the best in your neighborhood.

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