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Seacoast Bank: Reducing Time to Fill and Improving the New Hire Quality

Posted by Steve Carter on Dec 6, 2017 4:27:53 PM
Steve Carter
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Seacoast Bank works with clients to ensure financial stability by providing targeted services based on strong customer relationships. From traditional banking, wealth management, to trust and estate planning, Seacoast Bank brings over 80 years of proven expertise to the communities across the United States.

The Evolution of The Hiring Process

The executive team at Seacoast Bank shared insight into the evolution of their hiring process. They have never used a tool that could determine culture fit across a large pool of prospective candidates who applied for a position on the company website, job boards or LinkedIn. The hiring team used to spend hours and hours a day searching for good candidates through LinkedIn and various Job Boards, but their assessment was limited to identifying candidates who were able to successfully perform job responsibilities solely based on the skill set -- by looking at their resume or social profile. They had no way of determining a culture fit with the hiring manager until they actually spoke with the prospective candidate. 

Since the hiring process was mostly manual, the internal recruiting team was constantly overwhelmed and had no time to speak to hundreds of applicants, let alone assess their culture fit. Estimating whether a prospective candidate can be a good fit with the hiring manager was also extremely difficult as a variety of interviewing techniques had to be used.

Discovering Candidate.Guru 

Introducing Candidate. Guru to the Seacoast Bank was very simple. Since the platform is based on a SaaS model, there was no need for additional hardware or software installation. Culture fit assessment began taking place right after Candidate.Guru Chrome Extension was installed on the team's computers and mobile devices.

Before introducing Candidate.Guru to the hiring team, Seacoast Bank has spent a lot of time determining the right candidates in order to cultivate a productive relationship from the very beginning. Candidate.Guru has helped solve this problem by sourcing candidates with the right culture fit. Today, the hiring team spends much less time on inefficient sourcing activities and much more time talking to the candidates they know will fit their company culture.

The Result

Candidate.Guru has helped the hiring team at Seacoast Bank to dramatically reduce the number of candidates to interview for each job opening, reduce time to fill positions, improve the quality of the new hires. It ultimately introduced people with the best culture fit to the organization. As a result, Seacoast Bank was able to successfully create a team of happy, engaged and successful employees.

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