Break The Cycle Of Poor Matching, Hiring, and Employee Engagement

Our unique technology uses predictive algorithms based on features contained within resumes, profiles collected from Elevated users, company profiles submitted by workers, and the contents of companies’ job listings. We designed our technology to address a range of problems in the engagement and hiring cycle. Click the funnel for a closer look!


Current Culture

Start with an assessment of your current situation by surveying your existing employees using technology developed by the leaders in personality and relationship matching, eHarmony.

Current culture already in top shape? Great! Our assessment will provide a framework for employment branding using your cultural inputs paired with invidual worker values to create messaging to attract the best and brightest.

Through extensive research into which individual values correlate most closely with workplace culture factors, we have identified 16 key factors which determine a candidate's compatibility with a job in your company, outline employer value proposition pillars, and help improve productivity through increased engagement.

Source and Pipeline

Not enough candidates or time to source? Job postings often yield large numbers of unqualified applicants, degrading the candidate experience.


Use Elevated technology to source candidates automatically, or have our team do the heavy lifting with a variety of sourcing options tailored to your specific challenges.


Find better candidates faster, while saving time to slate and reducing cost per hire.

Applicant Pool Assessment

It's time consuming and inconsistent to review lots of resumes. Save time and get a consistent “first pass” at the candidate pool.


Using the same machine learning approach as Amazon and Google, we analyzed millions of resumes to find patterns to instantly predict results.


You can choose to import candidates using the Elevated upload tool, or connect to your ATS to instantly predict the tenure of a candidate and how well they match on skill.

Check Fit (Personality Match)

This element shows how compatible a candidate's personality will be with your hiring manager.

To measure such personality compatibility, we draw on factors taken from both the eHarmony relationship-matching system along with factors uniquely related to workplace environment.

Our predictive models are based on analysis of interpersonal work relationships.

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