Discover How Elevated Can Help You...

As an HR Manager

You will streamline your hiring process so you can:

  • Discover the best pool of candidates to choose from
  • Create a happier, more engaged workforce
  • Reduce attrition while improving productivity
By leveraging the patented learnings of eHarmony and the best in analytics and machine learning, you can have confidence to hire fast and hire right.

As an Employer Brand Manager

Gain a deeper understanding of your employer brand and company culture so your recruiting & HR teams can:

  • Source the best candidates for your organization based on 'fit,' not 'gut-feel'

  • Reduce turnover and attrition

  • Shift your culture to help aid business transformation

All the while saving time and money in your hiring and rentention practices.

As a Talent Acquisition Manager

Making sure you have the best fit culturally and making sure teams pull together with:

  • A cultural assessment that ensures team fit

  • A candidate pool drawn from the widest possible set that are matched to your organization's needs

  • An improved candidate experience

You can have confidence that you will reduce time-to-slate and cost-per-hire using our patented technology. Hire fast and hire right with Elevated. 

For Your Employees

You can help your employees experience a workplace matched to their talents and abilities, allowing them to:

  • Be part of a high performing team

  • That are pulling in the same direction

  • And are truly engaged in what they do

So you maximize productivity by improving their career prospects and they can enjoy what they do day to day.