Four New Years Resolutions for Recruiting

Posted by Crystal Miller on Jan 1, 2018 12:15:30 PM
Crystal Miller

It's New Years Day, which means it's time for the obligatory posts and listicles about how to set resolutions to make 2018 your best year yet. While undoubtably full of great advice, most articles are focused on self-improvement. And while we're all about getting fit and living our individual lives to the fullest, here are 4 suggested resolutions your recruiting team can use to help improve your candidate's experience in 2018:

  1. Commit to Workforce Planning: The biggest disservice you can commit within your organization is to not even have a educated guesstimate of the number of employees your organization expects to hire this year. Create a workforce plan to prepare for future staffing needs.
  2. Stop Using Job Descriptions as Advertisements: Make 2018 the year you commit to stop using internal, legal job descriptions as job ads. They're just not. They lack sizzle, they often don't share the values or cultural information prospective candidates need to figure out fit, and they're just boring. Not exactly the first impression you want to make. So make this the year you make them worthy of your organization.
  3. Test-Drive Your Own Candidate Experience: One resolution every recruiter should make is to go through their own candidate experience regularly. We recommend at least every six months or when major changes have occurred within the organization. Doing this kind of audit will help you identify touch-points that need improvement and ensure your employer brand reputation translates the way you want it to with prospective employees.
  4. Get Down and Dirty with Your Data: Do you use the massive amount of data within your company? If you're not already, make a resolution to stop being afraid of your data in 2018. Survey your organization and use quantifiable data to help you create candidate personas, map organizational and even the micro-cultures existing within departments, recruitment marketing messages, employer value propositions and more! Point is, if you're in recruiting then data is your friend: so if you're not already, learn to use it this year.

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