How to Avoid Most Common Hiring Mistakes

Posted by Steve Carter on Jun 24, 2016 5:43:00 PM
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Just like any other business venture, hiring is a numbers game. It can be hit or miss. When measuring the return on investment from your hiring efforts, consider not only the benefits a good hire brings to your team but also the cost associated with hiring someone who doesn’t fit in with yourcompany culture. A bad hire can cost you up to $20,000, not mention possible damages to team morale and overall company reputation.


If you really want to reap the benefits of successful hiring, there are some key mistakes you need to avoid:

1) Overemphasizing Experience

While hiring someone who has previously worked at a leading company like Amazon or Zappos has many benefits, try not to put too much emphasis on the experience. At the end, it all boils down to how well they are able to fit into your company culture. If your culture has very little in common with the organization you candidate came from, their experience may not be all that relevant to the position at hand. Instead of focusing on the past, take a look at the candidate’s potential and focus on hiring people who are inherently suited for your culture. You also want to be sure that the candidate is motivated to do a good job. So pay attention to their attitude and willingness to contribute to reaching your goals.

2) Putting too much weight on the interview

Whether you are just starting to get comfortable with interviewing, or have a strong track record of successful hiring, you will come across candidates who sound good on paper, but in reality, may not have what it takes to succeed in the new role. Sometimes it’s easy to get derailed in the conversation when someone is constantly talking about how good they are without providing actual examples of their past achievements. Have a list of questions that will help determine if the candidate has what it takes to do the job. These questions will help you reveal their true personality and determine whether they can be a good fit for your organization.

3) Getting awed by the credentials

Sure, an Ivy League graduate is always a great addition to any team, but having a Master’s degree from the top college doesn’t necessarily mean that the candidate is going to fully contribute to every project or have enough motivation to learn and grow with your company. In fact, many people with above- average IQ lack an ability to grow simply because they aren’t motivated to stay on top of their profession or aren’t flexible or supportive of their team members under stress. Great credentials don’t always reflect a person’s ability to quickly shift gears under difficult circumstances either.

4) Not Having a structured hiring strategy

One of the most impactful aspects of successful hiring is its strategy. Having a standardized process that ensures that every candidate completes the same interview process and submits the same information will help avoid confusion and ensure finding the right fit without meaninglessly spinning your wheels trying to match unqualified candidates to the open position. A standardized procedure will also ensure that all candidates are considered equally and no one gets prioritized over another for any irrelevant reasons.

5) Ignoring Cultural Fit

While having excellent interview skills is an important factor in qualifying candidates, ignoring critical non-verbal and behavioral patterns such the way a person interacts with others within the realm of accepted norms can cost you a pretty penny. Is their personality suited for your company culture? Will they be too formal or too casual? Will the way they express their ideas go against the grain of your entire organization? Sometimes it’s just too hard to tell if a candidate fits in with your company by spending just an hour interviewing them or even after reviewing their social media posts. Too often companies let employees go as a result of a cultural misfit rather than underperformance or lack of skills.

Won’t it be nice to know if a candidate fits in with your company culture without spending endless hours evaluating their personality assessments or putting them through numerous interviews? Candidate.Guru’s Culture Fit Prediction Engine is here to help. By comparing your candidate’s profile with the proprietary database filled with thousands of successful and failed interactions between people, their beliefs, and socio-economic patterns, we eliminate the guesswork from your hiring decisions and provide a precise estimate as to whether or not your new candidate will be your next best hire. All that, without the need for personal assessments and endless paperwork. Ready to learn more? Let’s chat!


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