5 Tips for Creating a Career Page that Wins Top Candidates

Posted by Steve Carter on Jun 2, 2016 5:12:00 PM
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Successful companies understand that quality talent is their best asset. A well-fitting team makes up an integral part of the company’s culture -- an essential element needed to continue moving the business forward. Changes in labor force can create an ineffective part in the symbiosis of the group. That's why attracting top candidates to your company is vital for its continuous growth. Where do job candidates go to find you? The good old Internet, of course! It's a no-brainer that maintaining a career page that converts candidates into potential employees will help find the right fit for your company.

1. Think about Your Candidates

As a company owner or a hiring manager, consider putting yourself in the shoes of your potential employees. The career page should be user-friendly because it's the initial point of contact between your organization and a candidate. You want to impress your applicants and make applying for a job easy. Job seekers place applications on numerous job boards, career sites and through social media. They value time and appreciate the ease of navigation and fast application process. An inviting page with a glimpse into your company’s culture will help impress the candidate.

2. Available Jobs

Update your career page frequently. An outdated page with positions already filled portrays a lack of internal communication and sloppiness in your web presence. A potential candidate who receives a notice that the position is no longer available, may not apply for another position. Simple list all available jobs with an application deadline. After a lapsing deadline, remove the job request.

3. Create an Interactive Site

Under some circumstances, an application is not as simple as just uploading a resume. Your recruitment application may need in-depth questionnaires, employment tests and other functions pertaining to your company's needs. During this time, consider creating a site with some interactive features:

  • Create a how-to video with complete instructions on how to fill out the application.  
  • Show a work in progress feature as the candidate continues through each step of the application.
  • Allow for a question feature after each instruction point to ensure a proper response.

Each part of the process should be engaging. The on-boarding experience should entice the candidate to want to learn more about your company.

4. Mobile Friendly

Optimizing your site for mobile use will allow for a wider pool of candidates. Active job seekers will use mobile devices as a part of their search. By providing your own app for company recruitment, you are tapping into a new resource of candidates who are comfortable with changing technology. A company’s application can ensure the fast communication either via the app or text messaging.

5. Ask for the Feedback

Feedback is a vital part of winning the top candidates for your organization. When a potential employee finishes the application, ask for their feedback. Both negative and positive reviews can aid in the fine tuning process of finding the right candidate to mesh well with your existing employee culture. When a candidate finds the hiring experience positive, you are ensuring the highest level of productivity and commitment. The new employee's excitement will run over into your organization.

With more people reaching retirement age or other changes in the workplace, the need for top candidates is vital. Without an engaging career page, your company’s recruiting process can actually turn potential employees away. Take the time to personalize your career page with your company's brand to entice the top candidates to your business.  By making the top candidates feel comfortable with the recruiting process, you'll easily find the right person to fit into your company culture. 


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