4 Surprise Facts Your Job Candidates Already Know about You

Posted by Maria Talley on Feb 17, 2016 8:14:00 PM
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Not all applicants are made equal, and some are prepared for a job interview better than others. As most hiring managers and recruiters already know, confidence and the ability to overcome stress associated with the intensity of the hiring process can make or break even the most experienced and skillful candidates.

Job seekers who do their homework before meeting you for the first time are usually more eloquent and confident during an interview than those who are just passing by in the hopes to get an easy gig. If an applicant really likes your company and is serious about the position, she will demonstrate strong business acumen and will try to help you understand your own business processes on a much deeper level. You will be surprised at what she may already know:

Strong candidates know you may fret interviewing them

Hiring may not be your forte, because interviewing can be a dreadful, but necessary evil in addition to your never ending daily activities. The strongest candidates who know that your time is limited and valuable will not be there to waste it. They will arrive on time, skip small talk and do everything to engage in the meaningful and fruitful conversation.

They see through your uncertainties

Regardless of whether or not the position you're filling is brand new and not all the details have been properly mapped out, be prepared to answer questions. A great candidate will always have an arsenal of carefully crafted discussion topics about the position and the organization. She already knows that the lack of your uncertainty can be beneficial for shaping the position to fit her skills and needs.

They know they may be judged by their appearance

Think of this as online dating: it takes only a few seconds to decide if a person is “hot or not” just by looking at their profile picture. Same goes for when a candidate walks into the board room to interview for the first time. Subconsciously, you will make assumptions based on their looks before they even get a chance to speak. Job candidates who already know this, will go in strong making every effort to match the vibe and the energy around them.

They understand the importance of culture fit

While the majority of candidates come prepared to showcase their skills and experience, only the best ones will demonstrate the ability to speak your language. They will anticipate your questions and will strive to  provide an insightful feedback backed up by the examples of their achievements.

Interviewing is one of the most important and often stressful times for the candidates and hiring managers. Understanding the above cues will help you determine the best culture fit for your team.

What are your observations regarding insightful candidates? Let us know in the comments!

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