Matching a Company's Core Values to Yours

Posted by Crystal Miller on Apr 17, 2015 10:03:00 PM
Crystal Miller

Before you can be matched with a job whose company’s core values are compatible to yours, you have to first know what your core values are.

So, what exactly are core values? defines them as: “the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. The core values are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and action...” Therefore, knowing your core values can bring you clarity on what your priorities are.

Our personal core values – whether we are consciously aware of what they are or not – are the driving force behind the way we live our lives. And when we live our lives in alignment with our core values, we feel fulfilled and content. However, when our life isn’t being lived in alignment with our values, like in our work life for example, it can be a real source of unhappiness; in general, when you live that way, something just feels “off.”

Once you have identified your core values, it will be much easier to find a job in a company whose values match yours. And as we know, working in a company with a culture compatible to you makes for a much generally happier life overall. So, let’s identify those core values and be on our way to finding you a compatible job!

To identify your core values, ask yourself these questions (we recommend getting some paper and jotting it down):

1. When was a time in both your personal and professional life when you were happiest? Note if you were alone, or with others. If you were with others, who were they?

2. What are your proudest moments or proudest achievements? Identify two instances – one personally, and one professionally. Why were you proud?

3. Identify the times – both personally and professionally – when you felt the most fulfilled and satisfied in your life.
 How or why do you think those situations made you feel so satisfied? 
What factors contributed to your feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment?

4. What guiding factors do you remember being important to you when you were a child? (ex: creativity, freedom, adventure, learning, family, being alone, etc.)

Now take a look at your answers. Do you sense a theme? Are those moments based on, just for example, service, courage, justice, teamwork, or kindness? Write down as many values that you see consistent through your answers. From there, try to narrow it down to your top five.

This may be tricky but one way to do it is by asking yourself why, specifically, each of those moments meant so much to you. Some of the values may also go hand in hand, so you can combine them; for example, if you notice that you value both creativity and originality, you could say that innovation is a top value.

It is imperative that these values are important to YOU, and you’re not writing down what you think you should value, or what you think others expect your core values to be. Are you proud these are your guiding values, and the way you live your life? Are you comfortable telling people that these are your core values?

Now that you have identified your top core values, when you’re considering jobs, you can look at a company’s culture and ask yourself if their core values seem to line up with yours. Granted, it takes time to truly get to know and experience a company’s culture, but you can do research, ask questions at the interview, and observe the office and environment. Even better, at Elevated Careers we have done a lot of the work for you in compiling data about companies’ cultures. When you know your core values and take our questionnaires, we do the heavy lifting for you by matching you up with compatible jobs. And when all aspects of people’s lives – including work - are lined up with their core values, it results in an overall happier quality of life and sense of well-being.

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