12 Days of Christmas: Workplace Safety During the Holidays

Posted by Rayanne Thorn on Dec 20, 2017 12:40:55 PM
Rayanne Thorn




"Don't set the office on fire" is generally considered sound advice. It might also seem like a "no-brainer" that doesn't need to be said, however many employers (particularly in the manufacturing industry) notice an uptick in workplace accidents and injuries leading up to the new year. So how can you keep your workforce merry and safe this holiday season?

  • Just say "no" to open flames: Holiday candles are a common gift, but a major 'no-no' for many business insurance policies... with good reason. December is the peak month for candle fires, with a nearly 200% increase due to holiday decorations. If you're doing a gift-exchange at the office this year, consider sending a reminder to safely light any candles outside of the office. At the very least, be sure to share the good candle safety.
  • Figgy Pudding is Better in the Fridge: If food poisoning isn't on your list of gifts to give your workforce this Christmas, make sure basic food safety guidelines are being followed at office gatherings and holiday parties. Basic rule of thumb: keep hot food hot, cold food cold and perishable foods hit the "danger zone" after they've been sitting out for 2 hours.
  • Ensure the Stockings Are Hung With Care: Ok, so maybe you don't have stockings darning the walls of your office, but if your teams or company puts out holiday decorations, make sure lights are off when the company shuts down for a break so the office literally doesn't catch on fire. Also, decorations should never be closer to the fire safety sprinklers than 18" - so plan (or modify) your decorations accordingly!
  • Your Employees Aren't the Only Ones Busy: It's also a very busy time of year for germs. Cold & Flu season is upon us, so sharing office habits to help keep your workforce healthy can be helpful. We've also heard of companies hosting flu shot clinics at the office. Maybe it's not the most festive addition to the holiday parties, but your employees might thank you for it later!



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