12 Days of Christmas: Video Storytelling

Posted by Crystal Miller on Dec 15, 2017 12:56:58 PM
Crystal Miller


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When it comes to making the most of the company party, traditional wisdom has been to advise employees to "network" with the higher ups in countless career advice articles in an effort to advance their careers. Some even suggest bringing business cards, but when it comes to the company holiday party, that would be a mistake. Your boss doesn't need your business card. They know where you work and how to get ahold of you. More importantly, in the event you don't work with the person you're trying to network with, you want to make sure you have their contact info rather than the other way around.

The best way to do that is with a fully charged phone. Offer apologies for being 'out' of business cards and offer to take down their contact information or send them an email right then and there. However, there's another benefit to having a fully charged smartphone: your camera. Your smartphone can help share your company culture, increase employee loyalty through recognition and even help employees communicate their purpose in fun ways. Here's 3 ways you can use your smartphone during the company holiday party and beyond:

  • Capture & Share Employee Moments: You can introduce an employee, share what they do and fun experiences they've had with the company straight from your mobile phone using apps like Steller. This storytelling app helps the user create photo essays with the help of a variety of cropping tools, fonts and headers.


  • Create Infographics to Tell Culture Stories: You can create infographics sized for social straight from your smartphone using applications like Venngage. Infographics can help you create engaging visual content with data points that help your employees retell the stories to others.


  • Share Videos to Attract and Inform: Creating a video can be an amazing way to share a story. Whether you make a 'silent film' to focus on the visual side of the story or have employees share information about their jobs or experiences, keep the videos short (under 1.5 min) and focused on one central point. FilmoraGo is a great app that can help you create subtitles and text in your video, speed up the content in a clip, or add and overlays. Apps like Magisto can help you create a video story ready to share socially in a matter of minutes - it's a great way to capture your holiday party!


The biggest trick to creating content that can go the distance is to ensure your content fits within the value pillars of your organization. This will help prospective candidates connect with your organization and strengthen engagement with existing employees. And that is a gift that keeps on giving 365 days a year.


If you're unsure of what they are for your organization, Elevated's culture assessment can provide your organization with a messaging map that identifies the values you need to talk about with prospective candidates.

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