12 Days of Christmas:  The Office Party

Posted by Crystal Miller on Dec 13, 2017 6:19:02 PM
Crystal Miller



The holidays are once again upon us, which means holiday office parties are happening everywhere.  For your employees, this seemingly innocuous, fun event can often feel anything but fun in the days leading up to it.  In fact, there's so much stress around it that publications pump out article after article on how to "survive" the office party!  The best tip we've heard:  make an appearance, but don't show up on time. 

Of course, it's not all fun and games for the HR team, either.  While movies have long since highlighted the dangers of sexual misconduct at the holiday party, news sites like FOX News debate if increased societal sensitivity around sexual harassment should lead to changes in holiday office parties.  While the argument could certainly be made that it's easier to skip the holiday hassle, there is a positive point to holding holiday parties each year:  it's good for your company's morale.  At it's core, your holiday party is a way to celebrate what your teams and organization has accomplished throughout the year.  The company leadership gets the opportunity to display appreciation and gratitude in a way a holiday bonus (however welcome) simply cannot do.  And regular, positive boosts to company morale helps keep your company culture healthy. 


 We recommend you give your holiday party the "green light" this year.  Keep in mind, holiday parties don't have to follow any specific format to be successful. For an extra injection of holiday cheer, consider adding in these fun holiday activities from The Balance.  They had a list of several different alternatives to the traditional holiday office party.  Here are our favorite three suggestions from their list:  


  • Holiday Ugly Sweater Contest:  No ugly sweater in your closet? Amazon has several that can be drop shipped to your door, or you can add a twist to this theme by adding in "holiday hair" contests.  Ever see a beard tree? What Christmas Tree Hair?  They're all the rage and not to be missed... we just suggest the glitter gets added before your employees hit the office. 

  • Holiday Card Exchange:  If you make assigning partners for this truly random, it can be a nice way to help employees on different teams and in different departments get to know each other.  

  • Give the Gift of "Giving Back" as a Team:   It's no secret employees generally enjoy opportunities to volunteer together as a team.  Whether it's in place of your holiday party or in addition to, this can be a great way to strengthen your company's culture throughout the holidays and beyond. 


Stay tuned for tomorrow's 12 Days of Christmas installment!  We'll be sharing a new holiday tip each day between now and Christmas. 

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