12 Days of Christmas: The Gift of Flexibility

Posted by Crystal Miller on Dec 19, 2017 7:00:00 AM
Crystal Miller




There's nothing like the holidays to bring chaos into the workplace. While it may seem like the last time of the year an employer would want to be flexible; flexibility during the holidays is actually a key component to maintaining employee engagement during the holiday season. While there's several tips and tricks to keeping employees connected during the holidays to work, nothing replaces the need for time to spend with loved ones near and far.

For exempt employees with the ability to do their job remotely, giving them some freedom and flexibility to do so can be one of the best gifts you can ever give them. When face-time in the office is necessary, allowing for early-in/early-out or come in late/stay late options can be great for ensuring your staff can participate in holiday celebrations with their children and family.

"I appreciate that what my boss cares about is the quality of work I do, not where I am when I do it." Dwane Lay, Vice President of Customer Experience, Dovetail Software

Lisa Disselkamp, Managing Director and workforce management expert at Deloitte shares with MonsterThinking that what employees want is a schedule that's predictable enough to plan around while maintaining flexibility to allow for time off. While not every employer has the ability to be flexible, allowing for variations to the "standard" schedule to address holiday time is great. One employer in the fast casual dining chain gave their employees the ability to call out 2 days they wanted to claim for "holiday time" and made sure they weren't on schedule for those days. Watching work loads and sending staff home when there's nothing to do is another way to show your employees you understand they may need to not be home (but also not at work) for the holidays. Again, there's not a one-sized-fits-all solution, the important thing here is to take the time and effort to find what works for your culture, employees and business needs.

Remember, your employees support your business all year so showing them flexible support during the holidays is not only crucial for employee engagement, but keeping your culture merry and bright as well.

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