12 Days of Christmas: Merry Conversations

Posted by Dwane Lay on Dec 16, 2017 10:00:00 AM
Dwane Lay


We've all seen the scenes in the movies where employees are forced into awkward conversations at the Company holiday party. The larger the company, the more likely it is that your employees won't all know each other. Maybe that's why publications like Business Insider share scores of articles offering advice to help make this seasonal interaction just a little less uncomfortable.

A decade ago, how to make people comfortable at the party was really the only thing human resources professionals needed to focus on, conversationally-speaking. However, with the rise of things like branded photo booths, group photo opps and Google, activities (and behavior at those activities) can now be indexed and live on in perpetuity. Conversations don't just happen at the party, they happen online in social media and blog commentary. So it's important to help your employees understand the company's perspective on online conversational etiquette around events. Here's 3 tips to make sure the conversation around company events stay merry and bright:

Tip 1: Share your company "party style" with employees so they know what to expect. While having a "what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas"-style party might not be the most advisable route to take, if that's the kind of party you're having, make sure your team knows it.

Tip 2: Make sure your employees have a safe way to share. If you're throwing an "unplugged" party, consider having a photo booth or photographer to give employees a way to have memories of the fun they've had with co-workers and friends.

Tip 3: Keep in mind not everyone loves having their pictures published, so if you're putting up pics from the company party, make sure you get an "O.K." from anyone identifiable in the photo before you put it up online. What you may think is a cute picture of Suzy from I.T. may cause her all kinds of anxiety - which defeats the "warm fuzzy" point of sharing the photo to begin with. There's also 'publicity rights' that individuals need to give for many states, so play it safe - make sure you have consent/waiver from your employees before posting.

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