How and Why It Works

Elevated has taken the successful compatibility matching technology of eHarmony that is responsible for 438 marriages per day – that’s 4% of all marriages in the U.S. per day! - and applied the same scientific methods to match employees with jobs and companies. Just as eHarmony came about because Dr. Neil Clark Warren knew there had to be a better way to finding love than just luck, Elevated believes that if jobs and employees are matched based on compatibility, people will be much more satisfied and fulfilled in their jobs, and companies will have higher rates of employee retention, motivation, engagement, and productivity.

The Technology

Our unique technology uses predictive algorithms based on features contained within resumes, profiles collected from Elevated users, company profiles submitted by workers, and the contents of companies’ job listings. Elevated matches your job listings with candidates based on three types of compatibility:


This component refers to the degree to which a candidate's skills and background fit a specific job you are looking to fill. Through our "Skills Fit" algorithm which uses data from millions of resumes and career transitions, we predict how well the candidate matches that job based on their resume and work history.


This aspect highlights how a candidate's core work values fit with your company's culture. Culture compatibility has proven crucial in predicting an employee's overall job retention, productivity, and engagement. Through extensive research into what value and culture factors need to match, we have identified 16 key factors which determine a candidate's compatibility with a job in your company.

What are these 16 factors?


This element shows how compatible a candidate's personality will be with your hiring manager. To measure such personality compatibility, we draw on factors taken from both the eHarmony relationship matching system along with factors uniquely related to workplace environment. Our predictive models are based on analysis of interpersonal work relationships.

The Process


Import or Upload a Job Listing

When you register with our service, we will present you with all the listings we already have for your company. You can then select which jobs you want to import or delete, and add additional job listings.



Based on the information you provide, you can automatically see high end matches tailored uniquely to you. These matches are based on overall compatibility between your company and the candidate. You can also generate a search using your own parameters and keywords.


Candidate Found

Once you have found a compatible candidate for your job listing, you can contact them directly, as well as view your compatibility profile to see how compatible the candidate is with your company. You are also able to save the candidate’s information.