Candidate.Guru acquires Elevated Careers from eHarmony!

Posted by Steve Carter on Aug 14, 2017 9:21:00 PM
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Candidate.Guru is excited to have completed the acquisition of Elevated Careers - perhaps the first ever all-in-one employee engagement, employment branding, and hiring platform that can not only assess an organization's culture, but also match job candidates to companies based on culture, skills, and personality fit using the same methodology. This, combined with Candidate.Guru’s instant prediction technology and existing infrastructure, makes for one of the most exciting roadmaps in the world of HR Technology! You can read all about it in the press release below, and to celebrate the occasion, we are offering a 50% discount on a custom culture assessment. Click here to check it out!


Candidate.Guru acquires Elevated Careers by eHarmony™


First-Ever Compatibility-Focused Employee and Job Candidate Engagement Platform 

Boca Raton, FL and Los Angeles, CA – (Business Wire – Aug 15, 2017) Candidate.Guru, provider of the leading recruiting technology platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to match job candidates to employers has acquired Elevated Careers by eHarmony™, an employee engagement, personality and skills matching solution developed by eHarmony, a pioneer in using relationship science to create highly compatible relationships based on key dimensions of personality that are scientifically proven to predict the most compatible, highly successful, long-term relationships.


Led by Dr. Steve Carter, eHarmony’s team of data scientists developed Elevated Careers’ compatibility matching system based on assessments of workers’ personalities and values, and companies’ cultures. These algorithms use a total of 24 value, culture, and personality factors, scientifically matched, positively impacting worker satisfaction and company performance.  Elevated Careers measures overall employee engagement and the match between job candidates and companies based on three types of compatibility:

  • Skills: the degree to which a job candidate’s skills and background fit a specific job using the Elevated Careers “Skills Fit” algorithm leveraging data from millions of resumes and career transitions that help predict how likely a professional is to be hired for a position based on work history. 
  • Culture: a measurement of 16 key factors delineating how an individual’s core work values fit within a company’s culture, which has proven crucial in predicting an employee’s overall job satisfaction and engagement. 
  • Personality: examining interpersonal work relationships specific to the compatibility between an employee and a hiring manager, drawing on eight factors taken from both the eHarmony relationship matching system along with factors uniquely related to the workplace environment.

"We are extremely happy that Candidate.Guru is going to continue on this important mission that we started more than 3 years ago.  We have every confidence they will fulfill our vision of helping companies create better and more engaged workplaces." said Grant Langston, CEO of eHarmony. 


“With this acquisition, we are gaining cutting-edge employee/job candidate survey and matching technology, the perfect complement to the artificial intelligence technology Candidate.Guru has already developed to predict a culture fit between job candidates and companies,” said Chris Daniels, Founder and CEO of Candidate.Guru.   “With our acquisition of Elevated Careers by eHarmony™, we’re thrilled to also welcome Dan Erickson, General Manager and Vice President, Elevated Careers to the Candidate.Guru family.”


About Candidate.Guru:

Founded in 2014, Candidate.Guru is a patent pending cloud-based solution that can predict a culture fit between job candidates and companies without the need for surveys and assessment tools. The Candidate.Guru Culture Fit Prediction Engine™ combines machine learning, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to help recruiting organizations curate and prioritize massive candidate pools based on the best possible fits for their companies. Candidate.Guru is working in partnership with the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition and the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research. Please visit to learn more.


About eHarmony, Inc.

Los Angeles, California-based eHarmony, Inc. helps people find meaningful relationships that enrich their lives. Founded in 2000, eHarmony is a pioneer in using relationship science to create highly compatible relationships based on key dimensions of personality that are scientifically proven to predict the most compatible, highly successful, long-term relationships. eHarmony operates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. For more information visit or download the app available on iOS and Android.

Elevated Careers by eHarmony is a registered trademark of eHarmony, Inc. All other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners.

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