Why Organizations Should Use Talent Assessments

Posted by Maria Talley on Apr 21, 2016 4:57:00 PM
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Leading companies have been using various types of talent assessment tools for decades. And today, the age of technology makes this type of evaluation more effective and affordable for large and small companies alike. The introduction of online and mobile-friendly assessment tools compliments any hiring practice, but more importantly, it brings clarity as to which job candidate is going to be a successful hire.


Benefits of Utilizing Talent Assessments

Organizations are realizing just now how beneficial the use of utilizing talent assessments can be in the recruiting and hiring process. While there are many great benefits; diversity, cost/time savings, and culture "fit" are at the top of the list.

Greater Diversity

Some business managers worry that the use of talent assessments would push the company to hire the same type of employee for every position. This couldn't be further from the truth. Talent assessments actually help companies achieve greater diversity. Rather than depending solely on the recruiting team's prejudiced opinion of a job candidate, the computerized assessment will look at other measurable traits, such as work ethics, leadership skills, and long-term potential. Increased diversity benefits the business by providing a more balanced and creative workforce.

Saving Time and Money

The use of talent assessments can speed up the hiring process. Some companies are even using pre-applicant assessments to ensure that only qualified and "pre-matched" candidates can apply. Talent assessments are also saving companies a lot of money in the recruiting costs. According to the Aberdeen Group, businesses that utilize assessment reports see a decrease of up to a 75 percent in their overall hiring cost. Streamlining your hiring process with talent assessment will result in freeing up funds for other business activities.

Predicting "Culture Fit"

Employee "culture fit" is more important today than it has ever been before. In fact, studies showthat 60 percent of millennials claim to have left a job in less than three years because it wasn't a good "'culture fit" for them. Using talent assessments can help you find not just the top job candidates, but the top job applicants for your specific company. This can reduce employee turnover and build employee morale and loyalty in no time!

New Talent Assessment Strategies

Companies have changed how they use talent assessments. This type of testing is not used just for testing skills, knowledge, and ability. Instead, assessments are used to determine creativity, leadership skills, ability to deal with stress, integrity, and much more. Companies are also customizing these assessments to meet the specific needs of their business and to obtain real time data about their candidate pool. Talent assessments are also being used for internal recruitment, and to detect leaders within the workplace.

According to the Global Assessment Barometer 2016, 52 percent of companies use some type of talent assessment, which is up 18 percent from just three years ago. These companies are already noticing a time and cost savings and a more diversified workplace, and they are better able to recruit and promote top talent.

If your company has not yet started using assessments as part of the recruitment process, now is the time to start. Learn how Candidate.Guru can help.

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