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Posted by Maria Talley on May 3, 2016 11:18:00 PM
Maria Talley
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Many large and fast growing companies lose more candidates in their recruiting process than they should. Your current job applicants may be some of the brightest, most qualified and motivated
employees available on today’s job market. Sometimes, however, it's easy for them to get lost along your hiring process, be it at the very beginning when your recruiting team sends candidates for your review, or at the very bottom of the closing funnel, when you lose a potential employee due to poor culture fit.

So how do you ensure that you are still able to attract only top-quality employees who will work well as a part your team? This is where Candidate.Guru comes into play...

We use a scientifically-proven technology that utilizes the proprietary attribute database to predict a culture fit between a candidate and a hiring manager, allowing you to choose the best candidates faster without the need of surveys and assessments. You will be able to select the best candidates
straight from your web browser and get accurate predictions as to who you should hire. Here is how it works:

Screen_Shot_2016-04-28_at_1.03.51_PM.pngToday's hiring technology brings a potential employee's social media profile, online application or resume posted on a job board to the palm of your hand. Our culture matching engine not only streamlines your hiring process, makes it more effective and fast, but it also leverages human aspect of your hiring decisions.

Just think, before you bring a new employee on board, wouldn't it be nice to know who they truly are; their interests, views and motives? People with similar interests and goals tend to work better together not only as a team but as a part of the professional and interpersonal culture that they share within your company. 

An earlier research released by American Sociological Association found that the majority of hiring managers prefer to recruit people who share the same interests and who they will enjoy having around. Sports, extracurricular activities, books, movies -- everything that constitutes today's culture -- translates into commonalities that are surprisingly similar to those that people find when looking for a romantic partner, study suggests. 

Making hiring decisions based on cultural commonalities (in addition to qualifications and experience, of course) makes sense. If you enjoy someone's company, you are more likely to work together well. But how can you be a hundred percent sure that the person is really someone whom you will enjoy working with in the long run?

Candidate. Guru's predictive algorithms find these commonalities without having to spend hours interviewing a potential employee or attempting to reveal behavioral trends via surveys or assessments. Our proprietary database has an access to millions of possible behavioral patterns and outcomes that are being modeled after real interactions between thousands of people. We can help you find a "work partner" who is most likely to become a great culture fit for the position you are looking to fill.

Download our Solution Data Sheet to learn how culture- based hiring can help you find your next best employee. 

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