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Posted by Maria Talley on May 5, 2016 11:24:00 PM
Maria Talley
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Getting the right candidates is time-consuming, expensive and requires a lot of trial-and-error. Companies have to compete to attract and retain good employees while actively sourcing passive candidates who aren't necessary looking for a new job.

Think of the recruiting process as a funnel. At the top, you have sourced candidates who applied for an open position and those whom you find yourself. Middle of the funnel consists of the identified candidates who have sufficient skills to perform the job. Finally, at the bottom, there is a shortlist of candidates who enter interview process, with only a few strong candidates being considered for the position at the end. 

According to a new report from Glassdoor Research, last year interviewing new candidates took on average 23 days (compared to 10 days four years ago) and average interview/assessment process has grown by 3.7 days since 2009. While waiting for you to make the right hiring decision, your promising candidate may accept an offer from a competitor or withdraw from the interview process completely thinking it takes too long. 

But what if you skipped the assessments and lengthy interviews and were immediately presented with a handful of candidates who are most likely to be a great culture fit in addition to their rockstar skills and high-performance aptitude?

With Candidate.Guru's Culture Match Prediction Engine you will be able to do just that. Skip lengthy interview process, eliminate the bottom of the recruiting funnel and go straight to determining which candidate will be a perfect cultural match!

How is this possible? Candidate.Guru has an access to a proprietary database with the multitude of attributes on every working American. Our culture match prediction engine uses the combination of machine learning and predictive analytics to determine the best candidates for your management style and team environment.

There is no need for third-party survey tools and assessments simply because, by the time you schedule a job interview with a candidate, you will already know how they will behave in certain situations and if they will work well with their immediate supervisor and the rest of the team. 

To connect the dots, simply download Candidate. Guru Chrome extension and apply it to the selected profiles in LinkedIn, job boards or your ATS. After we receive your candidate profiles, our user-friendly SAAS based application displays the result in a simple dashboard, so you could confidently choose which candidate should be invited to a final interview.

Let us prove the solution! Sign up today to see how easy it is to predict your next best hire!


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