Miami Herald Names Candidate.Guru the #1 Tech Startup in Florida

Posted by Maria Talley on May 10, 2016 2:33:00 PM
Maria Talley
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We are excited to announce that Candidate. Guru's entry in Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge won the ultimate Judges' Vote! 


The annual entrepreneurship contest sponsored by Florida International University's (FIU) attracted 255 entries to compete in Miami Herald's three track challenge, after about 250 people attended the Business Plan Bootcamp in March, 2016. The three-page business plan we presented was judged by the experts in all areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, finance and academia. 

The FIU Community Track where we participated included a live pitch session for the six finalists followed by Q&A. Candidate.Guru won the first place along with Ride2MD, the Lyft for medical transport, who came in second, and Shoes Dsire, a tool for shoe lovers, who was third.

What separated Candidate.Guru from the rest of the contestants, was the high quality of our business plan that covered all key areas, from financial and marketing strategy to growth plans and value proposition. Our executive team worked hard developing a business plan that convinced the judges to be a proven robust model for the continuous company growth as well as a substantial contributor to big-data technology in the field of HR.

What Does This Big Win Mean to Candidate.Guru?

In the interview for the Miami Herald, our founder and CEO, Chris Daniels mentioned that “The biggest challenge of being here has been the funding, because we want to build this company here; we want to make this a South Florida success story” (read full article here). Within the past year Candidate.Guru has turned down funding opportunities because potential investors required moving the company to the West Coast, close to them. Fortunately, Candidate.Guru has half of the prospective $950,000 investment capital already raised, giving us "more runway and an ability to accelerate growth" right here in South Florida.  

The Next Steps

With over a dozen customers in trial, we are  continuing to generate revenue and convert prospects into paying accounts. We are partnering with some of the largest software companies that will help us realize our dream for matching prospective candidates with the corporate hiring managers for the best possible cultural fit.

As Chris Daniels have mentioned, “The success of this business will be all about execution. We have an incredible opportunity — we have a market that is desperate for a way to better identify and hire people.”

Finding great employees and keeping them happy takes courage, strength and relentless trial-and-error. We are here to help make your hiring job easier. Learn more about our award-winning culture match prediction engine by scheduling a free consultation.


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