How to Promote Internally (and Do It The Right Way)

Posted by Chris Daniels on Jun 29, 2016 5:47:00 PM
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When I was faced with hiring new management to keep my company growing, I made the mistake of looking outside my organization rather than inside of it. As it turns out, the adage is true - your best assets are the very members of your own team.


Turned out, my resident employees have already had an extensive knowledge of the products and processes - the knowledge that could never be replaced. Not only did they grasp the basic principles of the way things were working inside the organization, they've also spilled their blood, sweat and tears to achieve best possible results and help us grow... together. My employees were also highly motivated to advance their careers, which made them an invaluable, long-term company asset and an excellent choice for promotion.

if you have been thinking about focusing your efforts on hiring internally, I would like to share these five important elements for successful internal promotion:

Five Vital Components for Promoting from Within… The Right Way!

  • Identify Internal Candidates – Internal hires tend to take more proactive responsibility due to their familiarity with the company itself and other employees. They also tend to be well-respected by their coworkers while also caring more about other team members simply because they've already spent ample time working together and they know what to expect. Internal candidates also know what works and what doesn't when it comes to completing projects and fulfilling important timelines. Look for those solutions-oriented employees who not only identify problems but also offer solutions.
  • Reach Out to the Identified Candidates Via Email – An email of interest and possibility is not a promise. It can tell the employee that you believe they may be a good fit while allowing you to keep the pool open to multiple candidates. Allowing an employee to become a job candidate and provide them with a fast an easy application process can also be a good solution for introducing them to the hiring process and helping identify their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Stay Proactive – Use your current management team to pre-select potential candidates. Train them with specific intentions for the upcoming positions and keep the best employees within your company. Using your management team as both informal career coaches and internal talent identifiers can be valuable because the loss of talent is one of the top concerns for any company . When your talent managers engage your employees in a process that is advancement-oriented, your best employees will be retained.
  • Provide Honest Feedback – If things don't work out, clearly state the reasons as to why the candidate has not been chosen and don't forget to highlight their strengths while suggesting improvement opportunities. No one likes to hear bad news, but if the candidate can understand how they can improve, they will really appreciate the opportunity to be considered again once the necessary adjustments and improvements have been made.
  • Fill the Position Quickly – Employees will leave your company mainly because they do not see an opportunity for the advancement. Promoting from within is a way to keep your employees interested in the company and its progress while also advancing their own skills and qualifications. A quick transition for the chosen employees will show your whole team that you are serious about offering advancement opportunities to those who deserve them. You want your employees to feel valued and important.

Improving Your Company. One Great Employee at a Time

When I decided to promote for the betterment of my company, I knew that internal advancement was not only a good choice, it was also the right choice. Do you think there could be added steps to this process? Let us know in the comments.


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