What Hiring Managers Can Learn from Marketing and Sales

Posted by Maria Talley on Apr 12, 2016 4:43:00 PM
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Information about your job applicants is most likely scattered through a variety of sources and recruiting platforms. These platforms are often outdated and may not be centralized, and often, hiring managers have to invest hours of their time into collecting and sorting through candidate profiles.

If you ask your marketing or sales department where they go to find customers that are most likely to do business with your company, you will find out that the systems they use are quite sophisticated. Marketing and sales utilize lead nurturing and automation methods that help determine the best-fitted customers. For example, HubSpot’s automated marketing system allows sorting potential customers into subdivisions and then follow up with initiatives and offers that address each customer’s needs, wants and pain points. 

So what tactics can hiring managers learn from their marketing counterparts?

1) Marketing automation solutions can pull in data automatically from different sources making it easier to stay current with potential customers. In HR, having to start with a brand new pool of candidates every time can be daunting. Evan Lesser, general manager at getTalent recommends adopting “many of the forward-thinking practices [sales and marketing] already use to build and maintain a candidate pipeline. It's very, very similar to a CRM solution like Salesforce.com, except, in this case, your candidates are your customers.” When it’s time to fill a position, you take stock of the past applicants and candidates that have applied before but were not selected for one reason or another.

2) Segmentation through lists and buyer personas can help you find out who your ideal candidates are. Marketing creates buyer personas – an ideal representation of a customer based on a wide variety of characteristics. By combining demographic information, geographical location, personal interests and professional background, sales prospects are represented by a fun and easy to remember persona like “HR Hannah,” “Recruiter Roxanna” and “Marketing Mark.” Hiring managers should do the same when prospecting candidates to make it easier to understand the main categories of applicants. 

3) Personalization: Marketing automation software tailors specific content to different customer groups. Once hiring managers understand their ideal candidates, they can create custom communications and select tailored messages to deliver to the best-fitted applicants. Personalization means targeting the customer in the platform they are most likely to visit. It is important to leverage other channels besides the ones you may be most used to using, i.e. email and LinkedIn. For example, engaging your potential employees in social media, through contact forms on your website or ads on partner websites will help you create more opportunities to promote your job offers and connect with the right candidates.

4) Constant engagement and follow-up through automated workflows. HubSpot’s persona-specific workflows are email communications that help nurture leads through the buying funnel to the final conversion point. As a hiring manager, you may want to consider applying the same principles to recruiting candidates via email. For example, email#1 in the workflow may describe a job offer with its main functions and responsibilities. Email#2 will give a prospect more insight as to your company culture and email#3 will contain the final call to action for making an interview appointment. Candidates who don’t convert in the first email will be more likely to get in touch with you after they receive that last communication. Creating workflows may sound extremely time-consuming, but at the end of the day, it increases your chances of converting the right candidates. 

Ultimately, the very principles already used by marketing and sales departments can be used by hiring managers to attain top talent. Hiring managers can learn a lot by observing the way their colleagues in sales and marketing interact with customers, and use this wisdom when reaching out to potential candidates. 

While you may not necessarily share the same platforms with your sales and marketing teams, there are custom hiring platforms that can make your life easier. Candidate.Guru’s culture matching engine will help you connect with a potential candidate and will increase the chance of finding the right fit. If you would like to learn more, let’s chat!


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