Employee Culture Fit 101: How to Attract Great Job Candidates Organically

Posted by Maria Talley on Feb 12, 2016 8:09:00 PM
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While most employers keep thinking that world’s best candidates come through applicant tracking systems (ATS), savvy job seekers have turned to professional networking in the hopes of securing their dream job. Today’s brightest candidates would rather talk face to face with prospective managers than fill out pages upon pages of impersonal online job applications. That’s why they are willing to come to you and share their skills and experience in person.


 Let’s take a look at the current state of online applications first, so we can better understand why more candidates have ditched it and turned to building meaningful relationships with companies. It’s been estimated that every job position advertised online receives about 200+ applicants per posting. About half of all applications is immediately tossed by the ATS, and near 80% of what’s left is removed by the recruiter search. At the end, hiring managers are being left with just a handful of applicants (3-6) selected for the phone screen. Sadly, such ‘careful’ selection doesn’t guarantee that the remaining candidates will be ideal.

Before they make a decision to go after your company, your future rock-star employees take time to research. They read press releases and follow executive Twitter profiles to get a glimpse of your company’s culture and ultimately decide if it’s is the right choice for them.  Sure, they’ll visit a career page on your website and will probably apply for a position or two on LinkedIn, but those who really want to become a part of your organization, will make an effort to reach out. And this is who you need to pay attention to.

So how can hiring managers embrace the change and open their doors for those who are willing to go the extra mile? Here are some ideas to help you create a candidate outreach plan.

Set realistic goals

Finding good candidates on your own can be extremely time consuming and may potentially damage your relationship with the recruiting team. So start small. Examine professional profiles of the candidates who visit your LinkedIn profile, for example. Then start adding their names to a separate list of the prospects worth reaching out to and set time aside to meet with them. Try to meet 2-3 candidates a week in order to determine their level of aptitude.

Educate your candidates

A modern, forward-thinking job seeker knows where to look for the information. She will thoroughly examine your company website, social media profiles and press releases to accurately determine if your company has potential to be a good place for her. This is where you can collaborate with your marketing team and leverage the power of blogs and social media to highlight employee backgrounds, leadership styles, officevibe and other cool elements that make your company unique and worthy.

Team up with your co-workers

Try setting up a short informal meeting with the candidate and 2-3 key team players outside the office. A casual chat in a relaxed environment will help a job seeker learn more about the company and different functions and roles. This in turn, will help you and your colleagues  better understand the candidate’s background. Sure, taking time away from your busy day to talk to someone who may not even end up joining your company may seem unnecessary, but it can actually help you speed up your hiring process and get better quality candidates.

Don’t Dismiss Your Recruiting Assets

While you may be comfortable with your own hiring efforts, don’t dismiss your recruiting team, or ATS for that matter, because they are there to help. Recruiting assets provide valuable skills and tools, and combined with your functional knowledge of a hiring manager, will help you find your next best employee.

There, you have it! Getting on the same page with the way people are looking for employment in today’s  job market has to come naturally, through personal communication and taking time to get to know each other. And, to increase your chances of getting quality candidates, try Candidate.Guru culture match prediction engine today!


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