Don’t let rapid growth overload HR and sink your business

Posted by Steve Carter on Oct 4, 2016 9:12:00 PM
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One of the biggest conundrums in business, and especially for SMBs, is the need to prosper. But be warned, too much growth too fast can sink a company. So how do you manage rapid ­growth? Easy, you only worry about what you can control.

So what can you control? 

  • Your customers? Nope, unless you’re a hypnotist.
  • The market? Nope.
  • Circumstances? Nope.
  • The economy? Kind of, but you’d need to be a huge deal.
  • Who you hire? Absolutely! 

“A key objective for me is to recruit the talent we need to grow and to ensure we have the right programs and benefits to not only retain this talent, but enable them to perform at their best.” – Larry O’Connor, Founder and CEO of Other World Computing.

Employees are the lifeblood of your business, so how strong is your company’s lifeblood? How do you hire the right people and how do you make sure they are the right fit? 

More important, how do you do this when your HR team is being inundated with more applications than it can handle?

With the right job description and artificial intelligence. Yes, the thing sci-fi movies have conditioned us to fear will help you easily hire not only the right person but the right fit for your company.

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” – Lawrence Bossidy, former CEO of Honeywell International.

Starting the process with your job description is important because it paints a picture of who you want, so make sure the ‘picture’ you paint reflects your company’s profile. Want a copywriter who has an eye for detail? Then try including a mistake in your job description and see who really has an eye for detail. Want a HTML coder? Then write your job description in HTML code. While these tactics might seem a bit gimmicky, the point is that you shouldn’t be afraid of applying some creativity to align your job description with your brand culture. 

The job description is your chance to express what you really want, and come on, how often do we get that sort of opportunity?

So the job description has been sent out, you have the right ‘style’ of people replying, now how do you sort that pile into who might be the best fit? Two words: artificial intelligence. Forget what pop culture has told you; the future is a bright one with AI. It has the capability to run multiple checks and crosschecks and then run those parameters between employees and hiring managers to produce a candidate who fits the company.

As your organization grows at an alarming rate (good job!), AI will make sure one thing remains consistent in a world of constant uncertainly – your new employees will not only fit your company culture but be most likely to grow with you toward success.

Read our latest case study to see how SmartProcure, a company experiencing rapid growth, was able to streamline their recruitment processes and find candidates who were a great fit with AI. 
Read the Case Study

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