#CareerScoop with Marie Burns: Conquering Career Confidence

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.”

-John C. Maxwell

Human beings are creatures of habit – this is widely known. Habit forming behavior makes change and self-transformation a challenging process. But without change, we can’t develop into our most successful selves. Even the most basic discussion of change, positive in nature, produces a highly emotional and physical response, ranging from sorrow to ecstatic. If in a group setting, resistance will occur at some level.

You may wonder what change has to do with the topic du jour, Career Confidence. It's simple: true self-confidence requires determination and a shift in behavior; it doesn’t just happen. I took this journey a few years back to create my career. I hope to share enough to enhance your experience through a few simple tweaks.

Career Scoop by Elevated Careers (you’ll see in a minute) was designed for you as a communication channel to engage with, ask questions, and other experiences we have in store – so you reach your highest career potential! You’ll receive honest and bold advice you can actually for your current career, job search, or to stay on top of trends.

This introduction is our Green Room Chat, and we’d like to give you a few tips before launching our first episode. Focus daily on both practices below; one physical and one mental – it will keep you balanced. Before the next episode, you should begin feeling the difference, and maybe even have some swagger with your walk.


If you haven’t studied body language psychology and how our body chemicals change fairly drastically just from our posture, this TED Talk by Amy Cuddy about empowering poses will rock your world! Practice these poses daily for two minutes. Most importantly, put your game face on and start to own every single room you walk into with solid posture, carrying yourself like Beyonce or Macklemore. If I was a betting woman, I’d bet people start treating you differently, they just don’t know why!

Power Poses

A quick review of the power poses, we’re shooting for the high power poses (on top of the diagram). The low power poses automatically decrease the respect others have for you - and you probably see why. We’ll talk more stats and facts in a minute.


The most common problem experienced during coaching sessions is employees don’t feel comfortable being themselves for many reasons. Currently, the employer mentality is skewed towards controlling workload through hierarchy (not all companies), which creates cultures not productive for employee growth or satisfaction. A few signs you may have not landed your dream job quite yet: poor culture fit, untrained or bad managers, insecure peers, poor on-boarding (this list is endless – feel free to tweet us and let us know why you may be struggling). Through personal experience and research, it’s known the more confident an employee, the higher they perform and get promoted.

Here are your “to-implement” takeaways: if you have to “fake it till you make it,” do it! You should never feel less amazing than your first day of employment. If you do, it could be a sign you’re in the wrong place. It’s also a good idea to understand yourself enough to know what employers will fit your needs. Take a quick free online self-assessment; in this writer's opinion, DISC is a solid general evaluation to start with.

Finally: if you aren’t already, start setting boundaries! Set them in every meeting.  Agree on action items, deliverables and send a recap as soon as you sit back down at your workspace. We’ll cover this in depth during a later episode. For now, give it a shot and we’ll dig into details in a few weeks. This tactic is an automatic respect gainer and confidence booster because suddenly YOU control your career destiny.

Let’s do this! Play this week’s Career Scoop for more details to up-your-career-confidence-game. Keep the chatter flowing @ElevatedCareers #CareerScoop. Ask us anything about your career, job search or workplace culture – just keep it professional. We’ll tweet you back AND answer questions on our next episode. Until then, #RockYourConfidence!